Before & After Photos

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

If you’re curious about how effectively Dr. Benedetti  can treat your case with Invisalign®or braces just take a look at a few success stories of previous patients. Each of these individuals had their own unique orthodontic and dental issues that were successfully treated in our office!

Non-Extraction Case 

Miss Bridgette came to our office with sever upper and lower crowing. After being given treatment options by other offices that included extraction of teeth, we were happy to help her find the most beautiful smile without any extractions!

  • Before-Severe Crowding (Non-Extraction)
    After-Severe Crowding (Non-Extraction)
    BeforeSevere Crowding (Non-Extraction)After

  • Before-Severe Crowding (Non-Extraction)
    After-Severe Crowding (Non-Extraction)
    BeforeSevere Crowding (Non-Extraction)After


Brian came to our office with one thing in mind; to have a beautiful smile without having to go through braces.  Although Brian’s treatment would have been very difficult without traditional braces, Dr. Benedetti was able to give Brian the smile he dreamed of without any braces! Brian completed his entire treatment with Invisalign!

  • Before-Crowding

  • Before-Invisalign Lower Crowding
    After-Invisalign Lower Crowding
    BeforeInvisalign Lower CrowdingAfter

Phase I Treatment 

Joshua came to our office with a severe Class III Tendency (Underbite) and Anterior Crossbites. Due to his young age, we were able to address these issues quickly, and help to prevent the Class III (Underbite) growth before it became so severe that traditional orthodontics was not possible. This is one of the many benefits of Early Phase I Treatment!

  • Before-Class III Phase 1
    After-Class III Phase 1
    BeforeClass III Phase 1After

  • Before-Class III Phase 1 Side
    After-Class III Phase 1 Side
    BeforeClass III Phase 1 SideAfter


Michelin came to our office with a severe Open Bite caused by a tounge thrust over the the years. With alot of hardwork and dedication by both sides, we are able to give her the smile she deserved without jaw surgery!


  • Before-OpenBite


Angelina was such a beautiful girl from the day we met her, but unfortunately her spacing issues didn’t allow her to feel that way.  After orthodontic treatment, now everyone, including herself, can see all of her true beauty!

  • Before-Spacing